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Above Picture Foster Fanning-Professional
"Facts don't cease being facts just because they're ignored"


I continue my daily workouts still in recovery fromGuillain a Barre.
I went from 5 1/2 months in ICU, North a Idaho advanced care and Alderwood a Skilled a nursing to back home even before I could transfer from wheelchair to bed. I didn't turn over in my home hospital bed.

At home I was punishing on my body but not to the point of fatigue. I went from wheelchair to using a strong walker inside only a few feet to many feet. I started using forearm crutches and learned how to use those outside. With crutches I could walk 2500 steps. Then one day a year and a half ago I started walking with no assistance.

Because it is winter and I have arthritis , my step count is down yet I continue thru pain. Last weeks schedule:

Tues 770 up
Wed. 750 bike 12 min upper body
Thursday 650 steps
Friday 12 bike 1000 -steps meat loaf
Saturday 1200 steps uneven steps 100

All done One Step at a Time.
Coyote Guide to Wilderness Living

Weather Site is Quite Good. It is used by pros....

The Daily News is now HERE (click)

The Coyote Guide has been read over 300,000 times. Reading it sent 3 families to live in the exact same location as I and my family did for 5 years. It started as an experiment. My buddy, now past away, helped in a big way. His name was John Shuttleworth and he was the brains behind Mother Earth News. I keep good company:-) Now...much in the electronic book is long gone, but the biggest parts, including the dozens of video taken in the 1980's are still quite valuable. I am not a survivalist. I just survive. These days there are lots of survivalists out there and they have championed my works. You can't go wrong with FREE.

Your editor in 2010

Since I am related to many  of our forefathers back to the early 1600's my mother wanted something to give her the proof that she needed. I spent 2 solid years working on my family genealogy. We use the 3 proof method and from signers of the Declaration back to the Constitution we have grandfathers and cousins. I do qualify to be a Son of the American Revolution and Sons of the Civil War however I don't have enough hours in y day to do too many things. Have fun with the genealogy.

The daily news is a blog which makes it easier for me. I have received many good words on it and a few old timers have a chard time with change. I have no focus but Rick Price, Ron Rattray and readers who enjoy their work.



In My Wilderness
...I hunt with a camera and a rifle...

Sun Newspapers Photojournalistic Work (1970's)
"I took hundreds of pictures for ComCorp. I only scanned a few examples" -Bob