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Coyote Guide to Wilderness Living  

Bob Shannon
The Coyote Guide has been read over 300,000 times. Reading it sent 3 families to live in the exact same location as I and my family did for 5 years. It started as an experiment. My buddy, now past away, helped in a big way. His name was John Shuttleworth and he was the brains behind Mother Earth News. I keep good company:-) Now...much in the electronic book is long gone, but the biggest parts, including the dozens of video taken in the 1980's are still quite valuable. I am not a survivalist. I just survive. These days there are lots of survivalists out there and they have championed my works. You can't go wrong with FREE.

Since I am related to many  of our forefathers back to the early 1600's my mother wanted something to give her the proof that she needed. I spent 2 solid years working on my family genealogy. We use the 3 proof method and from signers of the Declaration back to the Constitution we have grandfathers and cousins. I do qualify to be a Son of the American Revolution and Sons of the Civil War however I don't have enough hours in y day to do too many things. Have fun with the genealogy.

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In My Wilderness
...I hunt with a camera and a rifle...

Sun Newspapers Photojournalistic Work (1970's)
"I took hundreds of pictures for ComCorp. I only scanned a few examples" -Bob