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Theory by
Rev. Robert Shannon

\ / <-------This is your bottle cap.
An inverted bottle cap represents the Pacific Plate which is
twisting in a counter-clockwise direction.
View From The South
/ <Continental Shelf
\ Ocean //////////////
\_____________////// North America
Pacific Plate \\\\
\\\ <Subduction Zone
Inside of your inverted cap is the ocean, whose currents and
tides are directed by various factors. The northern section of the Gorda
is subducting under the North American Plate. Parts of the upper crust
of the Gorda are being pulled westward into and by the Andreas-Pacific
<1 Mile>
|<Andreas Fault
\ Ocean ////////|//////
Gorda Plate \\\\
\\\ <Subduction Zone
The San Andreas Fault lies within a mile of the Continental
Singularity Quake 8.5-9.0
Ocean Ocean /
_____________ _______
Pacific Plate \\\\ ^Gorda Plate
\\\ <Subduction Zone
While the Pacific Plate is twisting, the Gorda Plate is
stuck! When a singularity quake hits the Gorda Plate, slack
will be taken up along the northern part of the San Andreas
Fault. Although it is noted through modern techniques, parts of
the Gorda are shifting in a western direction along with SA
View From The South
<Continental Shelf-Displaced!
\ Ocean ///////////
\__________///////// North America
Gorda Plate \\\\
\\\ <Subduction Zone
With the release of tension another singularity quake will
occur on the San Andreas fault, displacing enormous amounts
of the shelf into the depths of the ocean.
/. \
View From The South /. \
/. <New magma release
\ Ocean //////////. \ into volcano
\__________///////// NA . \
..... .....>
Magma .....>/ \\\ <Subduction Zone
Once the displacement occurs, new magma will flow into the
Cascades volcanic arena, causing one or more volcanoes to
come roaring to life!
I've asked it before, I'll ask it again...Have you ever
opened a glass bottle of pop with a twist-off top? Have you
ever had it come off with bits and pieces of the glass lip?
The bottle and cap are under pressure. The cap and bottle
are sterilized at the factory. It is designed in order that
you apply the minimum twist and yet retains its pressure
If a small bit of dirt wedges into the area between the
cap and the bottle, thus making you twist a bit harder.
Sometimes during the bottling process, some syrup gets on
the bottle, almost gluing the cap to the bottle; also making
you twist a bit harder.
The Gorda Plate is stuck by more than a small bit of dirt
and it is having a hard time deciding what to do with the
twisting Pacific Plate and the North American Plate. It's
not budging (with exception of parts melding into and with the
Andreas) what is left? It snaps...up/down/slip/around
as in your bottle cap. Not very often! But oh-oh
You turned too hard because of the bits of dirt and the bottle broke.
The Pacific Plate Twist-Off Theory is simply based on this
hypothesis but experiments to show its authenticity are very
graphic in nature and need almost an in person explanation.
Know this however....Simply put, when the Gorda Plate
decides to move due to stress buildup from the Pacific
Plate, there will be quake/s of 9+. The first break will and
has been called in PPTOT, a "singularity". Similar
singularities happen around the Ring of Fire about once
every 2-3 years. They are not, as in Gorda Plate, locked
areas. Gorda is a giant about to unleash the most power from
latent into kinetic, that the world has ever seen.
Estimated damage from ONE singularity near a metropolitan
area is over one trillion dollars. That's 2x500 Billion dollars of
damage. Loss of life from ONE singularity is from a
conservative 2500 deaths to a more realistic 10,000 deaths.
Many deaths will come from the actual quake damage and
building collapse. Others will included heart attacks,
inadequate health care, looting shooting, outright murder;
and more. But the story doesn't end there. There is the
distinct possibility of 2 singularity quakes.
The first mega quake will occur somewhere near or north of
the Mendocino Triple Junction. Depending on where that break
occurs, there will be a second quake within 24-48 hours
either near or at a major metropolitan area such as San
Francisco, Seattle or Los Angeles. Now take the damage and
fatality estimates and double them.
The next step in this scenario are the secondary quakes
directly related to the 2 singularity quakes. There may be
no secondary quakes but my scenario calls for sa many as 3
secondary quakes of M>7.9. I have no real way fo estimating
the total damage, but suffice it to say that these alone
would put most countries into bankruptcy.
The inland canals that direct water to agriculture will be
destroyed. As many as two nuclear reactors will be damaged
enough to cause leakage that will kill hundreds if not
thousands and will make certain areas of the west
uninhabitable for generations. Crops will fail. Water will
become contaminated. There will be major black markets for
food and drink.
Obviously marshal law will be declared, but there are so
many survivalists, independents, Libertarians, posse's, and
anti-government folks out west that outright warfare will
break out among the haves and the have nots. National Guard
troops and UN troops will be sent in only to fall under the
heavy hand of those much more prepared for this to happen.
I have said all of this and almost forgot the grand
finale! The tsunami which will follow the singularity will
devastate hundreds of miles of coastline.....Need I say
The mechanics of the Pacific Plate TwistOff Theory took me
5 years to resolve. They involve charts, graphics, dozens of
data files of past quakes...and an intuitive mind.