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     Corporate America has discovered alternative lighting and now there
are as many varieties of lights as there are disposable diapers. Light
is an important factor in mood as has been discovered concerning the SAD
syndrome which is seasonal adjusted depression. Full spectrum fluorescent
light is the best for those who want quality and conservation of energy.
Unfortunately supply and demand has made the price of lighting high for
12 volt users. The simplest means of obtaining lights is to raid an old
motor home, trailer or car. Unfortunately most car lights draw quite
a bit of amperage but the supply is limitless.

     We use a 30 watt double bulb fluorescent light in our living area
and the kids each have a Copilot adjustable 5 watt halogen 12 volt in
their rooms. The bulbs for the halogens must not be touched by hand as
they contain a rare gas which gives them their brilliance. Touching
the glass degrades it and the bulbs cost 7 dollars each. We have used
6 bulbs for 2 lamps in 4 years.

     Flashlights are important. When lights blow you'll need to see
at night and its a great trip to the outhouse in the dark....make that
TRIP! on wood left out in the path or rakes dangling from the
cabin wall. Rechargeable flashlights are OK but expensive and it
takes forever to recharge the expensive batteries. For the highly
intermittent use of flashlights, use regular alkaline batteries.

     Kerosene is ok but it is still a fossil fuel and we have been
trying to avoid those when possible. If you find you need kerosene
try the Aladdin lamp. Its initial cost is high (40-50 dollars) but
it puts out light in comparison to a Coleman Lamp. It also puts
out quite a bit of heat so keep it far from combustible materials
and it will help your wood supply in the winter.

     As to outdoor lighting...we have none. Last week we had to cover
the garden with cardboard boxes to prevent frost problems. I had to
start the "rig"(4x4) and point it towards the garden for the kids
and significant other to cover. Identify-Adapt-Overcome! While
small solar  panels, batteries and lamps can be bought for outdoor
paths etc.. they  are a little too cute for Mountain Wind. We are
not trying to bring  the city to the country but the alternatives
to the urbanites.

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1988-92 Original Analogue Videos
in order of Uploads

Aeneas Creek Rd Destruction by Flood 10 yr Anniv. The floods of May 1998 destroyed Aeneas Creek Road which led up into the mountains. Our neighbor on the road, Steve Ries, took this video and it may be the only video of the destruction in existence. Steve's step-dad Grizz passed away. His mother Judy and the rest of the family lives on the west side of Washington now. A few people still live way up in the mountains, but there is a newer road for the first 2 miles, still gravel.

The Malo StoreA wilderness store built in 1903 by Henry Hill. Went through many owners including the Rumseys, Olsens, Dan and Chris Miller, Francis, Cribby, Sheriff Pete Warner and wife Kathy and present day Lee and Julie Thornton. Located in remote mountains of NE Washington near the Kettle River Range of Mountains...and the Colville and Okanogan National Forests.. It is still in original shape and a historical site...509-779-4879 8:am to 5pm M-F closed on Sundays and all Holidays and sometimes just for the heck of it. Min/Sec 2:39

Outtakes from Mountain Wind Family
These clips were made on analogue gear in 1988 and transferred to digital in 2008. There are 3rd generation take out scenes and were....were....crazy...and if your a new guy to Joe bob then take my word for it..They are OK..I may be nuts but the vid's are fine:-) Min/Sec 5:69