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     I will be the first to tell you that I know nothing about USBC
building  codes. That is one of the reasons I moved to where  I NOW
LIVE. In California many tax dollars are spent trying to correct
"mistakes" made by amateur home builders. There is a school of thought
that implies these codes are meant to socialize citizens thereby
deleting creative folks from building original dwellings. In effect
this strips the sub culture from power. If your into a conspiracy mind
set then this is your fate. Planning departments use airplanes and
roving inspectors to look for violators under the guise that this will
help save lives.

     Here is Washington the laws are on the books but have never been
implemented. Whether this last bastion of freedom will survive red
tag  America is a roll of the dice. Hopes are that a new paradigm
will strip  the bureaucracy instead of the public, thereby easing
restrictions on codes. Don't take my word for it tho'.

     Another "secret" purpose of codes allows for grossly inflated
prices in construction by legal and registered contractors who are led
to believe that their bachelors degree is worth something. They too
have been fooled by the now infamous "they". Involved in this unique
American scam is an esoteric system of kickbacks and unscrupulous
politics. Again with a change in the paradigm, this sort of cronyism
will slowly disappear, but don't hold your breath. I have always been
a liberal cockeyed optimist. It is from that perspective that I write.
Always hoping for the best positive affect for my own personal

     Expanding restrictions on building and electrical alternative
wiring forces sub culture types to find more remote locations. Yet
even Alaska is now finding itself inundated with those trying to
escape the south 48 and is starting to restrict land use by means
of regulations that complicate an otherwise unspoiled environment
(excluding mega-oil  conglomerates). Fortunately, with depleted
budgets, there may be little  enforcement moneys for any states to
continue harassment.

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