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...We are retired on a low fixed income and any help
would be appreciated

     If you have 50 grand and 20 acres, you can clear cut the tamarac,
gravel your drive, buy 8 panels with passive tracker and have
professionals set it all up including your satellite TV dish...
....On the other in the true wilderness and using
creative and intuitive resources can be very enlightening.

     Our family moved onto 20 acres in Washington State in 1988.
We have survived 4 harsh winters and many other glorious, colorful
seasons. Quaking Aspen are bare in the deepest of winter, yet are the
barometer  of spring and the color of fall. They also point clearly
to where  underground water reaches near the surface. A grove of
aspen with  serviceberry bushes and moss is a sure place to dig 20
feet and find  potable water.

     When we first came to this mountain retreat, we lit with
kerosene and 12 volt car lights hooked to old car batteries. Our
initial cabin  was 300 square feet for 2 adults and 5 kids. Now that
may sound like a small place but when you consider the thousands of
acres of living room  and den, you start following the kids down
those long trails into who knows where. The results are more of a
trip inside your own spirit. You can lay aside your Castenada book
for a piece of personal reality.

     Where places like Albion Ridge, Wheeler Ranch, Hog Farm, Arroyo
Hondo and the like have metamorphosed and disappeared with the 60's
back to landers, their northern counterparts continued on....
although dwindling in numbers over the 2 decades, a few dozen
survivors have  made the turn and are now ready to show the
alternatives to industrial  America for the next millennium.

     There are still quite a number of folks, perhaps yourselves, who
have never given in and tried their dream ideas. And yet still others
who gave up and want to try again now that the technology is a wee
bit  cheaper... a wee bit only.
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ALL NEW Full Length from Vimeo
Mountain Wind Family Analogue full Version 27:34

Winter 1988  Family of 8, living in the wilderness. Cuts from original Movie "Joe Bob; Mountain Wind Family" by Bob Shannon with analog gear using solar power. This is a TEST! We are working on new uploads soon. Bob Shannon Mountain Wind Family Min/Sec 1:43
Mountain Wind Family Chapter 1A family of 9 living in the wilderness from 1988-1993. No power. No running water. No TV or phone. Old camcorder analog gear running off solar. A partial clip of one scene. 3500 feet in mountains of remote Washington State. Min/Sec 6:47