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Gauche BEARSE married GAUCHE.

GAUCHE married Gauche BEARSE.

They had the following children:

  M i Austin BEARSE was born 1618 and died 1686.

John HYANNO [Parents] was born 1595 in Matteacheest Village Barnstable, Mass. He died 1623 in Cape Cod, Barnstable, Mass. John married Mary NO-PEE.

John Hyanno * Chief Sachem of the Cummaquid(67) was born about 1595 inMattache Indian Village, Yarmouth,
Barnstable, Massachusetts.(4015) (52)(67) He died before Mar 1622/23.(52)(67) "...[T]he pinnace sailed south past Plymouth to the bottom of CapeCod Bay, dropping anchor off Cummaquid, a name retained by one of theshore villages in the township of Barnstable. They were well received byIyanough, the local sachem, whom the Pilgrims had met and been soimpressed with the year before. A young man in his twenties, he was'personable, gentle, courteous, and fair-conditioned; indeed, not like asavage save for his attire. His entertainment was answerable to hisparts, and his cheer plentiful and various.' So it was again, andIyanough undertook to gather as large a supply of provisions as theCummaquid could spare."

((source: George F. Willison, Saints and Strangers, (New York: TimeIncorporated, 1964), pp 228-229)

Iyanough was the chief sachem of the the Cummaquid tribe. The Pilgrimshad landed in his area when they were searching for the Nausets. He toldthem that young John Billington, whom the Nausets had found lost in thewoods and taken, was just fine. He gave the Pilgrims a big dinner withentertainment. He then came aboard the shallop and sailed with thePilgrimsleading them to Nauset. When they arrived, the tide was out andthey could not come ashore, but Iyanough swam ashore to informAspinet--the chief sachem of the Nausets--of the Pilgrims arrival.
After the Pilgrims left the Nausets, the wind did not allow them to gethome directly, and so they ended up back with Iyanough again. ThePilgrims being very thirsty, Iyanough led an expedition in search of somefresh water for them to drink.
The Cummaquid tribe held another celebration of singing and dancing. Thenext day Iyanough gave them the water they needed, and the Pilgrims madetheir way back to Patuxet (Plymouth).
The Pilgrims described Iyanough as follows: "Iyanough, a man notexceeding twenty-six years of age, but very personable, gentle,courteous, and fair conditioned, indeed not like a savage, save for hisattire. His entertainment was answerable to his parts, and his cheerplentiful and various."
Iyanough died before March 1623 of a disease which swept Cape Cod earlythat year, probably brought by Thomas Weston's colonists which settled atWessgussett in 1622.
(source: Mayflower Web Pages. Caleb Johnson c 1997)

Barnstable was one of the first three towns settled on the Cape,incorporated in 1639 along with Sandwich and Yarmouth. Named forBarnstaple, England, (the colonists were not known for their spellingstrengths) many place names in the town actually reflect the earlypresence of Native Indians of various tribes. The villages of Cotuit,Cummaquid and Hyannis can trace their names to Indian roots. Hyannis, forexample, is named for Iyannough (also spelled Iyanough, or Iyanno or anumber of other ways), the Cummaquid sachem who extended kind hospitalityto early settlers. His grave, off Route 6A in Cummaquid along the northshore of Barnstable, is marked (look for the sign), and a bronze statueof him stands in at the Village Green on Main Street in Hyannis as itrightly should.
(source: Historic Cape Cod,
Parents: Iyanough (Highyannough, Ihyannough) * Sachem of the Wampanoagand Daughter of Canonicus * Princess of the Narangasett.

He was married to Mary No-Pee * about 1622.(6729) Children were: Mary(Little Dove) Hyanno Princess of the
Wampaoag *, John Hyanno.

Mary NO-PEE [Parents] was born 1597 in Gay Head, Marthas Vineyard. She died in Barnstable, Mass. Mary married John HYANNO.

An Indian Native American she is only one in line born at Gay Head, onlymiles from where JFK's plane went down in the Atlantic

The discovery and christening of this peninsula has a definite date, in1602, and an authentic sponsor in the person of Bartholomew Gosnold. "Thefour and twentieth of May," wrote the journalist of that voyager, afterthey had left Nomans Land, "we set sail and doubled the cape of anotherisland next unto this, which we called Dover Cliff, and then came into afair sound." The resemblance of this remarkable headland to the famoushigh chalky cliffs at Dover on the English channel, doubtless suggestedto Gosnold and his companions the appropriation of the name for thesenew-found cliffs of like character. This name, however, did not survivethe pages of Gosnold's journal, and it remained for later comers to applya name to it of their own conception. Some time before 1662
it was "called . . . by the English Gayhead," and this name has lasted asits title ever since. [Dukes Deeds, III, 12. It is always writtenGayhead, as if one word, with a lower case h in head.] This name, ofcourse, was given to it as descriptive of the gaily colored cliffs seenfrom the west when approaching the island from the sea.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary HYANNO was born BET. 1623 - 1624 and died after 1660.

Chief Sachem IHYANNOUGH was born 1565 in Barnstable, Mass. He died 1622. Chief married of the Narangasett CANONICUS Princess.

of the Narangasett CANONICUS Princess [Parents] was born about 1569 in Barnstable, Mass. She died in Barnstable, Mass. of married Chief Sachem IHYANNOUGH.

They had the following children:

  M i John HYANNO was born 1595 and died 1623.

NO-TOOK-SEAT was born about 1575 in Barnstable, Mass. He married NO-TOOK-SEAT about 1595.

NO-TOOK-SEAT was born before 1574 in Gay Head, Marthas Vineyard. She married NO-TOOK-SEAT about 1595.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary NO-PEE was born 1597.

CANONICUS [Parents] was born about 1539 in Cape Cod, Barnstable, Mass. He died 4 Jun 1647 in Cape Cod, Barnstable, Mass. married CONONICUS Mrs.

CONONICUS Mrs was born about 1543 in Naragansett, RI. She married CANONICUS.

They had the following children:

  F i of the Narangasett CANONICUS Princess was born about 1569.

Tass Tass ACK was born before 1520 in Connecticut. He married TASS TASS ACK Miss about 1560.

TASS TASS ACK Miss was born about 1525 in Connecticut. She married Tass Tass ACK about 1560.

They had the following children:

  M i CANONICUS was born about 1539 and died 4 Jun 1647.

Thomas LYNDE was born Jan 1592/1593 in Dunstable, Bedford, England/Dunstable, England. He died 30 Dec 1671 in Charleston, Middlesex, Mass. Thomas married MARY on 8 Oct 1613.

MARY was born 1596 in England. She died 1634 in England. married Thomas LYNDE on 8 Oct 1613.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary LYNDE was born 1629 and died 1693.

William BUNKER [Parents] was born 1500. He died about Sep 1558 in Beds-Tinks, England. William married Ann BUNKER.

Ann BUNKER married William BUNKER.

They had the following children:

  M i Oliver BUNKER was born 1540 and died 25 Aug 1616.

Roger BUNKER was born in Beds-Tinks, England. He died 1516 in Beds-Tinks, England. Roger married Agnes BUNKER.

Agnes BUNKER died in Beds-Tinks, England. She married Roger BUNKER.

They had the following children:

  M i William BUNKER was born 1500 and died about Sep 1558.

Joshua ELY [Parents] was born 10 May 1704 in Trenton, NJ. He died 15 Jul 1783 in Solebury Bucks, PA. Joshua married Elizabeth BELL on 1728.

Elizabeth BELL [Parents] was born 1704 in Burlington, NJ. She married Joshua ELY on 1728.

They had the following children:

  M i George ELY was born 9 Sep 1733 and died 11 Jan 1815.

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