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WELCOME to the "Premier" Edition of........

                       Pinpoint Newsletter (c)1980-92
                       Rev Robert Shannon / Editor
   To promote open mindedness in the field of geology, seismicity and
   to educate in  alternative methods of earthquake prediction.
  This newsletter is sent out in SIX separate bundles to 400 subscribers.
As of this issue half of these subscribers are professional geologists,
seismologists and educators at schools of higher learning, teaching
courses in related fields. The remaining subscribers come from all walks
of life and were "recruited" through the SEISMIC, QUAKE-L, VOLCANIC mailing
listservers as well as the Usenet groups ca.earthquakes and
Of the 200, many subscribers expressed interest in alternative and
unorthodox methods of prediction. Many told us that they actually
explore these methods in college classes. Here is what some of them said
when subscribing to Pinpoint:

--- A Mr. R.S, a teaching geologist at a California senior college wrote us:

"   I teach a course on Hazards and Risk of Earthquakes and Volcanoes and
 try to keep up with and present to my classes as many alternative
 hypotheses as possible.  Earthquake prediction is one of the most
 popular topics in the course; we spend most of a week on it."

___A Ms. K.B., who teaches at a college in Ohio wrote:

"  I am a geology professor at a liberal arts college. Several years ago I
designed and have semi-regularly taught a geology course about earthquake and
volcano hazard mitigation. In it I have included (among other topics) psychic
prediction of earthquakes, how different religious views affect how people
respond to earthquake mitigation, prediction, etc. I believe that anything
which affects how people respond to hazard mitigation is relevant to the

----A Mr. R.L., who teaches at a college in Northern California wrote us:

"  I am a geology professor at (deleted) state university in northern
California.  I have done research on animal behavior, and teach a general
education class in earthquakes, and geophysics.  I do earthquake information
interviews with the local medium and am regarded as the local info source
for this."

******************************Please Note*****************************
We have and will excluded the names and schools of our readers
because promoting anonymity will encourage people to speak out
on subjects they  may otherwise avoid.
If you wish your name and/or school printed, let us know.

NOTE from Rev. Shannon

As editor, no as a person who felt quite alone in my phenomenon of
earthquake predictions via bio-magnetic methods, I was !quite!
surprised to receive the enormous amount of mail from educated folks
like myself, who have not only open minds, but curious minds.

I have personally become very weary of the term "New Age". In my
personal quest for "inner truth", I discovered that the very basic
tennets of science are intermingled with what has always seemed so
vague and mystical. Theoretical physicists have written books on the
connections between eastern philosophy and its ties with science and
the time seems now that this wholistic\gestault picture is coming
alive! Good science is just that and we need it...but without a spirit
of imagination, where would we ever be?

MY STORY: (Part I)
  In the early 1980's when Mt. St. Helens blew her top, I was cloistered in my
home up here in Fort Bragg Cal, with an extreme case of agoraphobia.
I had been diagnosed as a schizoprenic in 1976, but it was more a diagnosis
of convenience rather than acurate.

  Married 30 years now, my wife and I are well educated, have seven children
with our three oldest in college. Oldest is suma senior at Eastern Washington
University. Other EWU student is 3.7 cume..and younger children all "normal".
In other words, we are not an unusual family,other than my diagnosed "illness".

  After St. Helens blew, actually 1 hour after, I went into complete remission
and stayed that way for a week. A cycle of remissions and backslides
coincided with the following explosive eruptions. We (my wife and I )
thought that was very interesting. My "condition", when it is at
it's worst, is hard to take. There is depression, anxiety and some paranoia.
I would not wish this on anyone. We thought it very curious that the eruptions
were giving the appearance of having a direct effect on me, but at that time
we figured it was coincidental. It wasn't until years later that we really
began to take notice.

   As the years past along, I discovered that I would be extremely "agitated"
a week or so before an earthquake, then all of a sudden I would be calm...
followed in 2-3 days by an earthquake,usually somewhere within say 250-300
miles of us. These quakes would be in the 3.6 and above range, the kind
that usually make the news as opposed to the daily hundreds of smaller quakes.

   Sometime in the late 80's...say 1986 or so, I decided to find out if
anyone else was having the same reactions as myself. I called several
universities, whom I thought might be doing research in areas such as this.
I didn't have much luck but did have some. Do not remember where,but somewhere
in Northern Cal, there was a university which was doing research into
how earthquakes affected schizophrenics. They didn't need any more
volunteers but it gave me cause for more thought and focus on what was
happening. I read as much as I could at local libraries. By this time we
had just purchased a new home in Woodland,near Sacramento and I used the
library at UC Davis to do more research on my own. Seemed to
me that nobody else was much interested. My family knew and understood
but anyone else I confided in saw it as a curiousity and nothing else...
or they were I pretty much kept it all to myself.

   In 1988 we left Woodland for a completely new adventure. We purchased
20 acres of wilderness land in Washington State, near the Idaho and
British Columbia borders. Sold the house and took all of our belongings
and kids to live in the mountains, 5 miles from the nearest electricity,
no running water...very sparse population except coyotes, cougars and
such. We built our own cabin, put up a couple of solar panels, homeschooled
the four youngest kids and generally had a great time, with the exception
of winters. 2 feet of snow and -30 degrees our first winter. We had to put
chains on our 4x4 K5 Blazer to take the older kids 3 miles and down 2500'
(thats a big drop in a short drive!) and drive 2-5 mph down a
windy road in unplowed 2 foot drifts. We lived that way for 4 and a
half years. The only earthquake I predicted  while there was the 1989
SF earthquake. Then in 1992 my wife came down with degenerative arthritis
of the spine and we were forced to move back to Fort Bragg.

   It was here in Fort Bragg that I again started to have the "problems"
with EQ activity and emotions...Someone suggested I post my predictions
on a network called "Rime", which I did. Although we had a very interesting
time,there were not too may people there who cared one way or the other.
One suggested I take my predictions to the big net...and so a year or so ago
I started posting them on the Usenet group ca.earthquakes,where many
USGS geologists "hang out". We were met with initial I
figured we would be, but as time went on and our "hit rate" improved
we started turning a few heads in the scientific community.
With their help and advice, I have learned much more about the
mechanics of earthquake and have been "refining" and coming to understand
much more about what happens to me. I also discovered dozens of others who have similar
problems...While they were afraid to speak out about it, they generously
wrote me private email about their similar scenarios.

  Most of the USGS folks who write privately to me are off the record.
One USGS feller up in Washington I believe, was "relieved" of his job a
few years back when he started getting interested in alternative ways of
predicting  quakes and so I suspect many others are unwilling to say
or do much on the record.

.....(next issue Part II) will deal with the actual feelings
themselves..specifically what they are and how you too can look out
for them, as it is my belief that most anyone can predict earthquakes
given the proper understanding of themselves....


A Letter from Micael Stuckey follows (name used with permission)
and after that some comments:

Hello Bob:

1. I lived in Southern California for over 35 years and for the
last 7 was able to realize an innate sense of upcoming EQ's in
that area; I called every major and about 2/3 of the minor
quakes usually within 48 hours but always with a week's accuracy.

2. I believe I started to realize this ability shortly after a
visit I had with a great, now late, psychic by the name of Adele
Tinning in San Diego. My wife and I had dinner with her the 
evening before the great Mexico City quake in September of, oh,
1985 or 86. She said she had felt somewhat ill all afternoon, 
and while we were there received a telephone call from the woman
in the Northwest, I believe, who could hear the low frequencies
just before earthquakes. This woman agreed with Adele that there 
would be a large quake a ways south of San Diego the next day. Were
we thunderstruck when we heard the next morning of the devastation
in Mexico City!

3. My family and I moved to the Vancouver, WA area 9 months ago
because of our very strong concern over devastating seismic
events soon to befall Southern California. 

However, I have not yet regained my seismic "feelings" here in
the Northwest that I had in California (although we have been
having 'earthquake weather' here around Portland the last couple
of days, and that, coupled with no real aftershocks following the
latest Seattle quake, leads me to believe that a pretty big one 
will come any time now between Seattle and Klamath Falls.


Michael Stucky
NOTE from Bob Shannon
 Regarding Michaels letter I have a few thoughts. Moving to Vancouver
Washington *may* be only a step ahead of disaster. Various organizations
are now predicting the possibility of a LARGE earthquake in the Cascadian
subduction zone. This *could* definately effect the Vancouver WA. area
....however it is only a 4-5 hour drive east, over the Cascades, to a
much safer area. Although Chelan, Moses Lake and other areas have their
share of quakes,  the likelyhood of a large quake is much more remote.

  Two people hearing a low frequency noise before earthquakes. This is
interesting. While living in Ferry County WA, I and my wife could "hear"
a low frequency hum, especially during the cold winter months. I had an
almost intuitive feeling that this could be a crystal noise.
After asking many of the local old timers, I found that they too "knew"
that this was a noise coming from large crystal nodes in the area.
Some members of the Colville Confederation ofIndians (makes up 1/2 of
Ferry county) concurred.

   Michael also mentions not yet regaining his "feelings" after having
moved to the Pacific Northwest. This correlates with what happened when
I moved to new areas. It took a while to "get my bearings". Perhaps this
has something to do with the magnetite in our systems. A scientist/geologist
by the name of Snead, told me that while he was doing graduate work at
Stanford, he had heard of a professor who was learned in the area of
geomag, certain  animals and in human blood. It appears that 1/10,000
of our red blood cells contains magnetite, which in theory could transmit
to us, subtle changes in in the earths field. He did go on however to mention
that those field changes at certain frequencies, might be too weak
for the body to understand due to normal body "masking". We are interested
in hearing from  anyone who has more or updated information in this area!

   While we are speaking about the Pacific Northwest, I want you all
to be aware that a growing number of folks in Washington and Oregon are
concerned about the near future as pertains earthquakes such as the
following note we received:

From:   D M
Good day Bob,

  I have just started reading the news groups regarding earthquakes.  I
have been interested in the different predictions of different people.
Thanks to the news group I finally found out how to get a subscription
to the Earth Changes newsletter.  I am also trying to get ahold of
the newsletter of Mr. Berkland.

 (ED NOTE Concerning Mr. Berklands newsletter. For a sample copy of Berkland's
newsletter Syzygy, send a self-addressed stamped business envelope to
Berkland at 14927 East Hills Drive, San Jose, CA  95127. An annual
subscription costs $35....but Pinpoint is *Free*!)

  The reason I am interested in earthquakes is because I happen to live
in an area that is due for a major, Seattle WA.  We just had a wake up
call this last week with our little 5.0.  I lived for 19 years in Alaska
and was used to small quakes up there but there seems to be a growing
number of people that think the Pacific NW is due for its big one, which
will probably trigger others.


...and here is another example of the letters of concern we receive
daily from Washington State:

From:   MS JED
Subject:        Megathrust Question
To: Rev. Shannon
    Thank you for the info on the quakes up here. I really
am thankful that you and B talk to me. If it's not
too much trouble I'd like to ask one more question. If the
Cascade fault should go, what kind of damage are we talking 
about for Spokane, Washington? How hard would Spokane feel

                                   Thank You Very Much,
  The area of concern is the Cascadian subduction zone. I saw a
recent post about this area from a geologist/newsletter publisher that
confused me, so I went to my "resident expert", B. Follows is what
she posted on ca.earthquakes concerning that area:

ca.earthquakes Item
From:B (We all know who she is:)
Subject:	Re: Megathrust Question
To:	ca.earthquakes

First of all - we want to call the area in question - The Cascadia 
Subduction Zone. A cascadia megathrust is a great EQ event on the order
of 8.5 - 9.5 that is long in duration. These have occurred at historic 
intervals. The most recent was 300 years ago, and previous ones at 200 to 
500 years. Studies show that sinkage and uplift along the coasts of 
Washington, Oregon, and Northern California all seem to correlate. This 
indicates that the Juan de Fuca plate (Oregon & Washington) and the Gorda 
plate (Oregon & California) have both subducted with megathrust events at 
the same time. This does not mean that they both start subducting at 
exactly the same time. This means it might start around Seattle and like 
a zipper head south - tripping the Gorda plate into action. It could be 
that the Gorda plate (this is my idea of it) being younger and more active
is actually the one that starts the whole shabang off. The JdF is older 
and colder and steadily creeps. Last I heard, enough stress had built up 
off the coast of Washington (near Seattle) from the JdF plate in the CSZ 
to produce an 8.1. Take your pick at which end the process will start.
The "zipper" effect will increase the duration of the shaking.

While the posting above suggests that thrust fault activity during a 
megathrust event is rare - I believe in the other side of the coin that 
says the thrust faults on the NA plate above the subducting plates 
rupture during megathrust events and it is rare for them to rupture on 
their own without a megathtrust to drive them. It is in fact very rare 
for them (thrust faults within subduction zones) - as studies around the 
world at other subduction sites indicate - for these type of thrust 
faults to go without a megathrust to rupture them.

(ED NOTE* And JD, the Spokane area is very much safe. If not,I
would not have invested in 20 acres only 75 miles north of you! But
watch out for that ash!)
 We received a letter from Karin Hart (name used with permission), whose
God-father was a  geologist with the USGS in several states over a period
of many years...I asked Karin if she would tell me what it was like being
raised in an earthquake conscious environment. She replied....

Dear Rev. Rob;
Sure thing.  When you grow-up in earthquake country, you know about 
earthquakes and the potential of damage.  When you grow-up in a family 
in earthquake country and spend time with people who study earthquakes, 
the awareness becomes almost built in.  My God-father, Lou, was a 
geophyisist for the USGS, working in Washington DC, Denver, and Menlo 
Park before he retired several years ago.  He and his wife met my folks 
in Washington during a time period, after they finished college on the 
WWII GI bill.

We had family dinners and other get togethers often.  Ever present was 
the topic of earthquakes and how people never seemed to get ready for 
them by taking simple precautions.  He encouraged my mother to check to 
be sure that the foundation of our South Bay home was bolted, and to do 
both simple and slightly more complicated things to modify the kitchen.  
We installed latches on all the cupboards to keep them from swinging open 
and loosing the contents in a quake.  The one thing I remember that we 
did that none of the neigbors did (mind you this was the mid to late 
'60s) was build sliding doors over the kitchen cabinets where people 
have a habit of putting large bowls or heavy appliances overhead.  
Everyone knew where the gas shut off was located and how to do it.  

We also looked with great interst at soil maps where we lived from the USGS 
and the California State Dept of Mines.  My mom's house is not on land 
fill, but not bedrock, either.  I've always made a point to read those 
maps when I was considering living somewhere, and studied both the flood 
and soil maps when I bought my own house back in 1983.  Yes, I live near 
the Hayward Fault, but I live in as good of an area I can here because I 
checked.  I think the only thing I worry about is I'll be in Downtown SF, 
Oakland or Berkeley whe the big quake hits the Hayward Fault.

We used to say while he worked in Menlo Park that when Uncle Lou moved 
out of California, the "Big One" must be coming.  When he moved to 
Colorado to work the last few years before retirement, I thought this is 
it.  But it was several years before I was in a big quake, and that was up 
in Eureka in about 1981.  Of course, I was in the East Bay when the 1989 
quake hit over on the San Andreas Fault.  In fact, I was at home reading 
a book.  It was the only quake in my life I was able to get into a 
"doorway" during a quake. I think it was because I felt a small pre-quake 
first and was in the doorway when the big shaking began.  Also, our 
family phone tree worked in checking in that you were safe.  My older 
brother was able to call me from Oregon (he's the out-of-state contact) 
because he dialed as soon as the ball game went off-the air.  Only from 
talking to him did I learn how bad the quake was (I thought it was 5.0, 
max).  When we heard on the radio that the Berkeley Public Library might 
be on fire, I made the decision to return to work and check to see if I 
was needed (I work for a local utility).

Bob asked me to say a bit about being raised with an earthquake 
preparidness coniousness. I will say that it makes you think prevention a 
lot. I also agree that it is true that if you don't do something about 
being prepared for a disaster within 24 hours of thinking "I better do 
something," you likely won't.  So, please take a moment and do something 
to get ready... even something as simple as working out who in your 
family you're going to call so everyone knows each other is safe and you 
don't tie up the phone lines.

Karin Hart
  A new suscriber wrote us:

From:   MPK
Subject:	Newsletter!
To:	Rev R.Shannon

Put me in coach!.....I think what you are doing has a lot of merit. I
look forward to posts from both you and Dennis. Although only a lurker,
I have been following ca.earthquakes since my first experience with an
EQ (Loma Prieta)   I was on Government Island (aka Coast Guard Island)
in the middle of the Oakland Estuary about a quarter mile from the Cypress 
Structure. The Island is man-made, so I learned what liquification is
all about. My background is military telecommunications (radio) and
was really interested in what Jack Coles was doing with his old R-390
VLF reciever. Radio/magnetic frequencies are all around us and most
everything "emits" some sort of energy. I believe that these energies
can be recieved by not olny standard electronic equipment but some
people that can tune in and focus. I also believe that the animal
kingdom can do this also (maybe even better) and that there is a 
correlation between lost pets, pets exibiting strange behavior and
electronic equipment doing the same. I live in SR (S
County) on the Rogers Creek fault.
I would like to be put on your mailing list for the news letter and
perhaps put in my $.02 every once and a while.
Keep up the good work!

  We keep coming back to the same things...waves of energy...ULF,VLF and
reactions with the earth, it's geomag field and perhaps even its
interaction with various atmospheric belts. This is certainly an area
that needs to be studied more. I feel it is where much of my "incoming
energy generates" (see PART II of my column next issue).

  PLEASE do put in your whole dollars worth for our next newsletter. We
are craving for more information on RF frequencies! And Jack Coles, if
your out there somewhere home:)
  While we are close to the wave discussion, let me share a back and
forth letter between a S. of Southern California and myself.

S wrote me:
: I sometimes sense an  overwhelming angst of imprisonment for 7-3 days
:before a quake... :dying off  within a few hours afterward.
:This was the case with both Northridge & Kobe.
:I suspect my mechanism is simply empathy for the tension which the 
:rest of the life around me feels without noticing or acknowledging. This 
:is based upon the tapering effect after the quake... It's hard to guess.

Rev.  Shannon replied:
Hmmmm.Your in Southern Cal? I am guessing here....I am in Mendocino. Much
sparcer population to be empathetic to in any direct sense...I feel as
though whatever is going on it is universal in genesis...for instance
certain waves would be likely the cause such as ELF or ULF. Studies
have been done with such and psychiatric patients years ago. 'Twas found
that ELF exacerbated schizophrenia for instance..Unfortunately I have no
citations on it. I read it and tossed it. At the time I had no interest.
  One thing you say is *quite* true...It's awfully hard to guess at the
mechanism, which is one of the reasons I started this newsletter. Maybe
we can make some sense out of it by examing what each other feels. It will
be eons before science takes notice;not to discredit good science, but it
wouldnt be good science if it were not slow and methodical.

S went on:
:When the angst hits, I usually get in more arguments, and make others 
:equally uncomfortable. I hesitate to open the can of 
:worms that is the earnest attempt to refine/record/stat-anal, etc...
:BUT I'm curious to hear your thoughts. It's like marching on quicksand to 
:try and convince one's self that such a pursuit can be done according to 
:scientific method without going a bit crazy... It takes guts.

Arguements...yes...perhaps so...and much more...I think it depends on the sensitivity and preclusion of each person. Examples..A man predisposed to assualt on wife, yet going through therapy may have a "setback". An alcoholic in remission may go on a bing

  In my case, depression deepens, paranoia becomes evident (depending on
the wave form), agorapobic syptoms increase, panic attacks occur. Now
this could happen lets say because something else very stressfull is
also occurring such as last month when I found that my father was dying.....
or two months ago when I had to drive 4 hours to Oakland through BAD
neighborhoods....or when the flu or a cold strikes...These are things
that I call "masks". I have yet to decide whether "masks" are the cause of
my problems at that time, or whether they are simply deepening the already
brewing crisis. It is also possible that "masks" are a part of the whole
process. In the gestault sense...the web, hypertext of life sense, we
are all interconnected with the vast system of earth/body/mind. So separating
certain other "causes" of symtoms is one of my ongoing tasks.
   Thanks for your input....write more!

Rev. Robert Shannon

  A few weeks ago it occured to me that Native Americans must have had
some real interest in earthquakes, but I was thinking more along the
lines of ancients..When I asked the questions on the Native American
Conferences I received replies from todays Natives and here are a
couple...I have deleted much, as the posts were quite lengthy..

First from a Turtle Clan Ojibwe:

"We did not weave the web of life.  We |
are merely a strand in it.  Whatever   |
we do to the web, we do to ourselves"  |
  --"Walk gently on Mother Earth" --   |

(parts deleted)...But one thing that seems fairly obvious to me is that
our "West Coast Volcanic Chain" (Mts. Rainier, St, Helens, Hood,
Shasta, Lassen, Mammoth, etc.) are along the Pacific Plate Subduction Zone.
Hence, if there is a volcanic eruption at St. Helens, there will be
earthquakes at the afore mentioned areas & Crater Lake as well, since
it is what is left of a volcano.  You'll also notice changes in the
activity of California's "termal areas" when ever there are earthquakes
anywhere on that "zone".
(parts deleted)....Something as geologically "earth shaking" as a break
of the continent at this point would certainly cause a great deal of
geological disturbance in the desert ... potentially breaking
up the access to toxic waste and enabling it to leak into the ancient sub-
teranean aquifers, thereby settling the Hopi/Navajo dispute once & forever.

My personal feeling is that rather than lose any sleep over something that
we, as mere mortals, have no control over, I'll continue meditating twice
per day, "calm" in the knowledge that the continental drift has been going on
forever; its a natural progression which we can do nothing about.
(parts deleted)...I could "dig" having Palo Alto/Stanford become a
coastal area, but its not going to happen -- logically speaking
if something "had to give", the entire Peninsula would probably "break off"
if such a thing could happen.  But I suspect that our Peninsula is
merely the "high point" of a much larger "mountain" and S.F. Bay
nothing more than an HUGE marine canyon ...

...and this letter, a short one, from a local Pomo Indian almost echoes
what I am hearing from all Native Americans....They enjoy quakes...they
enjoy the earth and their ancesteral relationship to it..They do not
seem to have an obcession or abnormal fear of earth movement as so well
said above and below from E.E.

From:   ERE
Subject:	Re: Fwd: Native Earthquake Predictors
To:	Bob Shannon

Hello Rev. Shannon. My name is E and I am a Pomo Indian. I have had a
lifelong good feeling about earthquakes. I don't believe I was ever told
to like quakes, it's just that they suit my temperament. I was born in '70.
I was a child during the San Fernando of '71 but we did live in LA at
the time. My mother tells of a lamp almost falling on my stroller-bound head.
I enjoyed periodic small shakers in Ukiah. I moved away to college in '88.
San Francisco state, of course. I dropped out after the Loma Prieta wrecked
the building I was living in and changed my priorities. My VW was
purchased around the time of last Jan's Northridge and so is named Seismo.
I can never tell when they are imminent, but I pretty much enjoy the
paradigm shift that everyone undergoes throughout and after them.
Just thought you might like to know.

From R.G. who posts many of our messages to the BBS on Prodigy of which
he speaks in a recent message tous follows:

Hi Pastor Bob,
Prodigy offers a "New" Seismology Topic under their Science Bulletin
Board.  You will find discussions under many different subjects, with a
broad and open minded look at all aspects concerning earthquakes.  This
is a short list of the type of subjects you will find, with on going
discussions concerning...  Earthquake Prediction (animal behavior,
Geysers, Sensitives and more), Current Earthquake Events, Daily reports
of Recent Earthquakes, Early warning signs of Earthquakes, Earth
Changes, USGS's QED & Big Quake reports, Caltech's & USGS's Weekly
report, Volcano Watch weekly report and much more.  

Thank you again!  
AND a big thanks to you RG...I hope you will now take this first
Pinpoint Newsletter and post it on Prodigy for us..While your at it, ask
you Prodigy friends who have shared interests withus to feel welcome in
requesting their own email copy of Pinpoint...They *must* write *why*
they are interested in receiving Pinpoint. Nobody will be turned down
but this gives us valuable information to share with others!
Pastor Bob
Most of you are *very* familiar with using internet to access information
concerning earthquake and volcanic activity...A new subscriber sent us a short
note that will help those of you who are just starting out....

The following is from Rick of the USGS in Oregon...

Thanks for signing me up for Pinpoint.
In response to your request for information:

There is LOTS of work being done by the USGS on volcanic hazards and
volcanic processes, both in the U.S. and abroad.  I suggest you start 
by browsing on-line information on the World-wide web
to see an overview of what work is in progress then you can request more
specific detailed information if you have additional questions. Using a 
graphical web browser such as Mosaic or Netscape (my favorite) OR an ascii
browser such as Lynx, check out the following starting point URLs:

This originates at my office but there are many links to additional sites.


Again there are many pointers and info on using internet resources for EQ
 info. Of particular interest might be the finger sites for eq catalogs.
 Using finger sites you can monitor the seismic activity at the various
 volcanic sites. 

For instance if you were to   finger you would find:

>Updated at Wed Feb 1 16:50:03 GMT 1995 a.k.a. Wed Feb 1 08:50:03 PST 1995
> yy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss  deg.   deg.     km   coda
> 95/01/29 23:22:46  34.43N 118.65W  18.5 2.1      25 km NW  of San Fernando
> 95/01/30 01:52:40  37.54N 118.85W   9.0 3.1      16 km SE  of Mammoth Lakes
> 95/01/30 02:25:45  37.54N 118.84W  10.0 2.2      17 km SE  of Mammoth Lakes
> 95/01/30 07:29:50  36.45N 121.01W   5.0 2.0       9 km SE  of San Benito
> 95/01/30 09:47:59  40.09N 123.69W  20.3 2.3      57 km ESE of Petrolia
> 95/01/30 16:19:42  40.21N 121.35W  11.5 2.2      15 km SW  of Chester
> 95/01/30 20:42:58  36.33N 120.45W   5.3 2.2      24 km NNW of Coalinga
> 95/01/31 14:39:14  40.29N 124.49W   9.1 2.2      17 km WSW of Petrolia
> 95/02/01 10:23:01  36.49N 121.12W   3.3 2.1       4 km WSW of San Benito

Note the 2 quakes near Mammoth Lakes (Long Valley Caldera, Mammoth Mountain
area) Lots of seismic activity there as well as uplift and outgassing of 
magma. Fun to watch because it is so active. The USGS has a very active
monitoring program there. Likewise, the Univ. of Washington site is
cooperatively run by UW and the USGS. That is the best site for Oregon 
and Washington Cascades EQ info.


I hope this helps.  


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