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    RADIO Continued

          1992 is the first year of a downward cycle of sun activity yet the
conditions are still quite high. Additionally when a major solar flare
occurs it is reported within the hour and if you have a clear evening,
the northern lights will be quite visible, especially in the summer at
late night hours. Many times I've taken a wee morning (3AM) trip to
the outhouse and been pleasantly surprised at the light show here at
49 degrees north.

     Another way to enjoy radio in the country is to modify an old or
new DC car radio. It is preferable to buy one with a built in signal
amplifier. They will usually have a button that designates
"local/dist". In lieu of that, a small 12 VDC FM signal amplifier will
hook directly into your DC house system. Both the radio and the signal
amplifier draw about 1 amp, not enough to bother your storage capacity.

     We keep our radios going much of the time, as the local stations
provide exemplary news and w eather as well as give us a good idea of
the local social thinking and trends. Sub culture is not the majority
here, but is well entrenched. There are a number of cattlemen/women and
timber folk too. Although the boundaries are not well defined, we have
found that we all can exist together with compromise. This is something
that seemed to be a problem in the Albion area of Mendocino.

     I once asked a Mendocino philosopher and survivor of the 60's why
the BTL movement all but disappeared. He told me that they co-opted
themselves by asking/begging for services such as mental health, social
services, food stamps etal. With those services came regulations and
regulators. This was the beginning of the end. Here in Washington the
services are bare but  there. They appeared by themselves and are used
only when necessary but the real trick is to make do without them.

     Leave the government out of your life and join organizations and
groups of intellectuals who know how to handle agencies through diplomacy
and compromise instead of confrontation and demand and you will find
they are harmless to a point.

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1988-92 Original Analogue Videos
in order of Uploads

1988 Wilderness Winter Mountain Wind Family Mountain Wind Family A family of 9 living in the wilderness from 1988-1993. No power. No running water. No TV or phone. Old camcorder analog gear running off solar. A partial clip of one scene. 3500 feet in mountains of remote Washington State. In this edition we are showing Daniel, 3 years old and was telling me that the broccoli was under snow in the garden, so I followed him around with the old fashioned camcorder...and then we looked for mom n the VERY small cabin. Can you even imagine? Living in a cabin of 250 sq electricity, no phone, cars, no neighbors with exception of critters...heavy snows coming in soon. Driving down the hill from 3500 feet to 1700 feet in a city car? You have NO IDEA. I urge people to read my free online edition of Coyote by visiting ...or search here on YouTube for more of this and/or more of the enigmatic life my wife and I have marriage of 43 years. 7 Kids....6 college grads....almost...and all of it living at or below poverty level. So! don't tell ME it cannot be done:-)
1988-9 Barter Faire Part one of the 1988-9 Barter Faire held on private property, Art Creek, Malo Washington in the kettle Range of Mountains. Using old analogue video camera, transfered to digital in April 2008 using a Panasonic AG 1950 Editing Deck to a Dell Laptop, then edited and music added with Adobe Premier. Low quality. More to come...