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Uraban WALTER was born 28 Oct 1835. He died 11 Oct 1915. Uraban married UNKNOWN.

Other marriages:
LADERER, Christiane

UNKNOWN married Uraban WALTER.

They had the following children:

  M i Karl WALTER.

Johann Michael LADERER was born 6 Apr 1807. He died 8 Aug 1874. Johann married Anna Catharina DIETERICH.

Anna Catharina DIETERICH was born 1 May 1813. She died 11 Mar 1897. Anna married Johann Michael LADERER.

They had the following children:

  F i Christiane LADERER was born 20 Apr 1834 and died 24 Mar 1913.

Robert Shannon JR [Parents] was born 16 Oct 1968 in Cleveland, Ohio. He married Sheila BICKNELL on 9 Apr 1995 in Fort Bragg, CA..

Sheila BICKNELL [Parents] was born 23 Jun 1975 in Fort Bragg, California. She married Robert Shannon JR on 9 Apr 1995 in Fort Bragg, CA..

They had the following children:

  F i Jasmine Nicolle SHANNON was born 3 Dec 1996 in Durant, Oklahoma.
  F ii Rose Annie-Lavonne SHANNON was born 9 Apr 1998 in Durant, Oklahoma.

Christopher SHANNON [Parents] was born 22 Dec 1972 in Euclid, Ohio. He married Eiko HIRASUTKA on 28 May 1996 in Cheney, WA.

Eiko HIRASUTKA [Parents] was born 26 Oct 1971 in Kuroiso, Tochigi, Japan/Kuroiso, Japan. She married Christopher SHANNON on 28 May 1996 in Cheney, WA.

Sjhe was born on the 46th year of Emperor Hirohito reighn, called Showa46.

Robert SMITH [Parents] married Mary WILLIAMS on 12 Nov 1846 in logan, ohio.

Mary WILLIAMS married Robert SMITH on 12 Nov 1846 in logan, ohio.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry Eden SMITH was born 25 Feb 1862 and died 9 Oct 1938.

Arthur L. PAXSON [Parents] was born 10 Sep 1857 in Jay County Indiana. He died 8 Nov 1935 in Escondido, CA. Arthur married Ida WALTON.

Arthur Lindley Paxson, son of Joseph Watson7 (Joseph Jefferson6, Benjamin5 #213, Joseph4 #91, Thomas3 #31, William Jr.2 #16, James1 #3), and his wife Eveline (Dugdale) Paxson, was born 10 September 1857 and died 8 November 1935 in Escondido, California. Arthur married first in 1878 Ida WALTON. She was born 1 July 1861 in Jay County and died ca. 21 March 1926 [or in 1925], and he married a second time, Nettie ___.

Arthur owned the Purity Ice Cream Co. at 121 West 14th St., in Marion, Ind. He went into the ice cream business with his uncle, Benjamin Franklin Paxson. The orginal factory in Marion was owned by Arthur. Later part was sold to Teller Belle-Vernon Dairies in Ohio. It appears they were the first to mix orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream in a log roll which came out as a mold cutting.

Arthur and ida went to Cleveland in 1918 to care for their daughter Bertha. They stayed until 1921 when they moved to Escondido, California. There Arthur became head of the Railway Express Office. [Thanks to Bob Shannon, e mail 4/4/2011, for this information.]

Children of Arthur Lindley and his first wife, Ida (Walton) Paxson: [Children's information from Bob Shannon, e mail 4/4/2011.]

i.       Bertha E. Paxson b. 5 May 1881; d. 19 Nov. 1961; m. Henry Eden SMITH on 18 Aug. 1902 in St. Joseph, Mich.; 3 children;
ii.     Zula Purl [or Pearl] Paxson b. 17 Mar. 1883; d. 21 Sept. 1955; m. Walter Leigh NESBITT on 30 Apr. 1910; had a daughter, Patricia Leigh NESBITT, b. 11 Dec. 1920 in Minneapolis, and d. 7 Oct. 1998 in Farmington, NM.
iii.   Lindley Ellis Paxson b. 13 Jan. 1888; d. July 1951; m. Nov. 1909 Grace DEAN, and had a daughter, Jamece Peggy Paxson, b. 18 Dec. 1910 in Louisiana, and d. 17 Apr. 1984.

Ida WALTON [Parents] was born 1 Jul 1861 in Jay County Indiana. She died about 21 Mar 1926 in Escondido, California and was buried in Escondido, California. Ida married Arthur L. PAXSON.

They had the following children:

  F i Bertha PAXSON was born 5 May 1881 and died 19 Nov 1961.
  F ii Zula Purl PAXSON was born 17 Mar 1883 and died 21 Sep 1955.
  M iii Lindley Ellis PAXSON was born 13 Jan 1888 and died Jul 1951.

Edward J HAINES married Lydia WRIGHT on 16 Sep 1868 in Jay County, In.

Lydia WRIGHT [Parents] was born 1849 in Jay County, Indiana. She married Edward J HAINES on 16 Sep 1868 in Jay County, In.

Jesse WRIGHT [Parents] was born 8 Nov 1815 in Indiana. He married Diana GARDNER on 2 Mar 1837 in Wayne County, IN.

Diana GARDNER [Parents] was born 1817 in North Carolina. She married Jesse WRIGHT on 2 Mar 1837 in Wayne County, IN.

They had the following children:

  F i Alvira Ruth WRIGHT was born 1838.
  F ii Eliza J WRIGHT was born 23 Sep 1843.
  F iii Lydia WRIGHT was born 1849.

Donald Edison MCCORKELL was born 15 Aug 1922. He married Evelyn Gladys LIVING on 24 Apr 1948.

Evelyn Gladys LIVING [Parents] was born 21 Sep 1922. She married Donald Edison MCCORKELL on 24 Apr 1948.

They had the following children:

  M i David D. McCorkell MCCORKELL was born 14 Oct 1951.
  F ii Diana Marie MCCORKELL was born 6 Dec 1953.
  M iii Michael Charles MCCORKELL was born 26 May 1955 and died 23 Feb 1999.
  F iv Mary Jane MCCORKELL was born 29 Oct 1958.
  F v Kathleen Ann MCCORKELL was born 2 Jan 1960.
  M vi Paul Francis MCCORKELL was born 17 Apr 1962.

David D. McCorkell MCCORKELL [Parents] was born 14 Oct 1951. He married Dawn Marie WEITZEL on 17 Jul 1976.

Other marriages:
DOUGLAS, Janette

Dawn Marie WEITZEL was born 3 Jan 1955. She married David D. McCorkell MCCORKELL on 17 Jul 1976.

They had the following children:

  M i Jonathan David MCCORKELL was born 19 Feb 1979.

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