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Johan Oloffs LAKSO married Margar PEHRSDR.

Margar PEHRSDR married Johan Oloffs LAKSO.

They had the following children:

  M i Jacob LAKSO was born 1847 and died 1929.

Joseph Albert YOUDELL [Parents] was born 25 Mar 1913 in Cleveland Ohio. He married MARY.

MARY married Joseph Albert YOUDELL.

They had the following children:


Jesse BYER married Mary Katherine YOUDELL.

Mary Katherine YOUDELL [Parents] was born 5 Aug 1915 in Ohio. She married Jesse BYER.

Thomas Francis YOUDELL [Parents] was born Feb 1918 in Cleveland Ohio. He died 2 May 1980. Thomas married Mary ELIZEBETH.

Mary ELIZEBETH was born 16 Aug 1920 in Ohio. She died 11 Nov 1964. Mary married Thomas Francis YOUDELL.

Jospeph Jefferson PAXSON [Parents] was born 14 Jan 1798 in Sadsbury, Chester, PA/Chester Co., PA. He died 16 Apr 1872 in Jay Indiana. Jospeph married Jane PERRY on 26 Oct 1820 in Sadsbury Twp Chester County, PA..

Jane PERRY [Parents] was born 1802 in Chester, PA/Chester Co., PA. She died about 1837. Jane married Jospeph Jefferson PAXSON on 26 Oct 1820 in Sadsbury Twp Chester County, PA..

They had the following children:

  M i Joshua M. PAXSON was born 4 Apr 1821.
  M ii Cyrus C. PAXSON was born 24 Jan 1823 and died 3 Jan 1903.
  M iii Philip I. PAXSON was born 11 Mar 1825 and died 18 Jan 1904.
  M iv Eli Warner PAXSON was born 4 Feb 1827 in Columbiana, Ohio. He died 19 Apr 1905 in Redkey, Jay County.
  M v Edward H. PAXSON was born 27 Dec 1828 in Columbiana, Ohio. He died about 1847.
  M vi Joseph Watson PAXSON was born 28 Feb 1831 and died 14 Nov 1903.
  M vii Benjamin Franklin PAXSON was born 5 Apr 1833 in Columbiana, Ohio. was buried 23 Sep 1910 in Marion, Indiana.

Paxon Benjamin F. G 86 Indiana Infantry. Private Corporal Paxson Benjamin F 000540 0059 00000183
  F viii Eolsan PAXSON was born 29 Apr 1835.
  M ix Oliver C. PAXSON was born 17 Oct 1837 in Jay County, In. He died 17 Oct 1837 in Jay IN.

William Ridgway DUGDALE [Parents] was born 17 Nov 1812 in New Jersey. He died 10 Dec 1891. William married Ann HILLES.

Ann HILLES [Parents] was born 26 Apr 1808 in Pennsylvania. She died 9 Nov 1850 in Indiana. Ann married William Ridgway DUGDALE.

They had the following children:

  F i Eveline DUGDALE was born 28 Oct 1834 and died 26 Oct 1908.
  F ii Sarah E DUGDALE was born about 1841.
  F iii Rebecca DUGDALE was born about 1845.
  F iv Martha J. DUGDALE was born about 1847.

John DUGDALE [Parents] was born 1801 in Pennsylvania. He married Sarah RIDGWAY on 1826 in Salem, Ohio.

John Dugdale was a tanner by trade, hence he often moved from place toplace. He came from Ireland with his parents while quite a young man.

Sarah RIDGWAY was born 1805 in Salem Ohio. She married John DUGDALE on 1826 in Salem, Ohio.

They had the following children:

  M i William Ridgway DUGDALE was born 17 Nov 1812 and died 10 Dec 1891.
  F ii Sarah DUGDALE was born 25 Jun 1827 in Salem, Ohio.

Hugh HILLES [Parents] was born 5 Mar 1778. He died 14 Jun 1847. Hugh married Elizabethe WILSON.

The Hilles or Hillis Name in County Down, Ireland and Vicinity (FromPrivate Sources. A Search for An Ancestor) About twenty-five years ago,the writer (Samuel E. Hillis) learned that a Hillis family was living inCounty Down, in the community from which Hugh Hilles, his ancestor, wassupposed to have emigrated to Pennsylvania, in 1747 or 1748.

Elizabethe WILSON was born 13 Nov 1778. She died 1 Feb 1840 in Jay, Indiana. Elizabethe married Hugh HILLES.

They had the following children:

  F i Ann HILLES was born 26 Apr 1808 and died 9 Nov 1850.

Walter Leigh NESBITT was born 1853. He died 22 Apr 1926. Walter married Zula Purl PAXSON on 30 Apr 1910.

Zula Purl PAXSON [Parents] was born 17 Mar 1883. She died 21 Sep 1955 and was buried in Minneapolis, MN. Zula married Walter Leigh NESBITT on 30 Apr 1910.

They had the following children:

  i Patricia Leigh NESBITT was born 11 Dec 1920 in Mineapolis, Mn. Patricia died 7 Oct 1998 in Farmington, NM.

Lindley Ellis PAXSON [Parents] was born 13 Jan 1888. He died Jul 1951 in LA. Lindley married Grace DEAN on Nov 1909.

Grace DEAN married Lindley Ellis PAXSON on Nov 1909.

They had the following children:

  F i Jamece Peggy PAXSON was born 18 Dec 1910 in LA. She died 17 Apr 1984.

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